As I write our cat, Stix, is missing. Not for the first time and although he,s always turned up it’s still agony waiting.  Last Christmas he jumped into a delivery truck and it took some serious detective work before I rang a depot in Leeds to ask if they had acquired a black cat with a white bib and amazing whiskers.  They dropped him off in Haworth the next day.  He has a long list of homes locally that feed him so maybe he’s having his Christmas dinner somewhere.  He once found his way into the bedroom next door and snuggled up in their four poster bed.  The lady,s screams were so loud he has never ventured back.  I have rescued him precariously from the top of my step ladders from the barn roof many times. Once two American tourists took him back to their hotel in Haworth.  They thought he was lovely until he raided their bags overnight for chocolate and ransacked their room leaving chocolate everywhere.  They took him to the vets next day who rang me up! We originally swopped him for a bag of cat litter as we felt sorry for him as he was being dragged round by his tail (without complaining) by a beautiful three year old child. He has been with us ever since so come back soon Stix. 

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