I look out of the kitchen window straight up to the moors and the new set for the Wuthering Heights Film. It has been ‘wuthering’ weather all weekend and I watched the news this morning to find out it is all my fault! This week’s storm is named Katie as well. At boarding school Wuthering Heights was in the ‘banned’ bookcase and Jane Eyre was in the Library. The banned bookcase was set in a beautiful 18th Century room the Nuns called St Oswalds. Three sides of the room was panelled in Pear wood which has the same colour as the skin of a ripe pear – slightly more orangey with years of polish, the entire length of the other wall had built-in bookshelves. These were the books considered too risky or adult for us but occasionally in Sixth Form we were allowed to dip in. The Nuns were very careful not to let us in the room unaccompanied because behind these bookshelves was a full set of secret shelves. You had to slide the back of the cupboards carefully to the side to reveal hundreds of books the Nuns never wanted us to see. Of course everybody knew and these books were in secret circulation every time someone managed to grab one without the Nuns noticing. I am ridiculously busy on the harp right now which is good and glad to be asked to play up spiral staircases in ancient rooms the big harps cannot get to!