You should see my new watering can.  It wasn’t expected.  I wrote down the code of a cheap plastic one but at the counter they told me they had sold out.  A voice from the back called out they had plenty of metal ones.  It is massive!  Beautifully shiney and looks very robust – ideal.  The unexpected is the norm in this house.  When one of my pupil’s Dads arrived to pick up his daughter after her piano lesson he accepted without comment the vision of us both dressed up with feathered headdresses playing a tune on page 12 called Hiawatha’s Dance.  The tune wasn’t particularly exciting but the story warranted me fetching one of my treasured possessions, a present from my Dad after one of his trips to America.  Another unexpected event this week.  We were at the tile warehouse in Bradford when my phone rang.  Huge apologies, Bradford Literature Festival thought the hotel had rung me and they thought the Festival office had rung me – was I free to play on Thursday night!  It is the first night dinner and I have  proudly played for the event every single year since it’s  inception.  I shall need two harps, one in the upstairs ballroom for the reception and one in the downstairs ballroom for the dinner and a splendid dress, to compete with the Saris priced in thousands  – one last year hand woven in gold thread in India.  When the guests are called to dinner I shall drum them out of the room and down the stairs then run through the kitchen, a short cut, and be playing Mascagny’s Intermezzo etc as they arrive for dinner. 

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