Fantastic night at Azeems

I have never been made so welcome, thank you. I have played all over the place, up and down the country and people often ask me ‘where’s good?’. There’s always a pause whilst I think and then I say – well it smelt good! Mr Ali made sure I went home with a huge bag of different dishes to try. They even cooked a special meal for Dave who has such a complicated diet and hasn’t been able to have a standard curry for about 2 years! This time if you ask me ‘where’s good?’ – I can truly answer! AZEEMS in Keighley. I was delighted to have at last fathomed my new phone and answered correctly instead of cutting the poor caller off – and further delighted to discover the caller was ringing to ask me to provide the music for Bradford Literature Festival’s opening night. I received quite a few invites to London last year by surprised guests. They were fascinated by multi-cultural harp music and the full sound I could achieve from the one instrument – all the work making my unique harps and the amazing music from The Books of Caris and Anon is paying off at last!

The parrots had a disco

We put some music on full blast and they danced. Although Lill’s favourite tune is actually The Stripper. I was watching Steptoe and Son and it came on and she went wild. I have eventually finished the leather costumes for all the Roman puppets. I have been sewing them in waiting rooms around local hospitals for months now and not one person has ever commented! My in-laws actually cut up their old settee and came round with a massive wad of metre square leather pieces. I then had to cut out the pattern pieces, punch holes and cut strips of leather laces to sew them with. The leather was so thick I had to use a tab rug hook to bind them together. They are decorated with beads and metal buttons and a pupil gave me a tip to make authentic-looking bronze – the inside of tomato puree tubes …. yep, really! Dodge has been enjoying the warm weather and charging round the field. The harps have responded with a few broken strings 😦 – well I musn’t be too upset – 2 strings in a collection of 33 harps – that’s over 3,000 strings in all.