To be unique

Well, who’d have thought the taps worked liked that? The hotel was absolutely beautiful – all brand new – must have cost a fortune! I have been to places where the Bride and Groom wanted to have unique photographs so have swopped carpets, curtains and pictures round, sometimes with disastrous results. I have been ‘roped’ in, with minutes to spare, to match the ‘slightly stained mark on the wall’ where a picture once hung, to the exact picture so that the stain was covered up again! Easy done I hear you say – but not in an entire country house hotel with hundreds of pictures! This time the d├ęcor was untouched and I was impressed with the bathroom and its miniature ‘beer pump’ knobs stuck up where the taps should be. My first thought was to try and pull one down. As it was stuck fast I looked along the line of basins and realised that most of these little white plastic ‘beer pumps’ had been crudely glued back on again. Oh well, I thought I’ll now try the obvious. They twisted on and off using two fingers and very little effort. Gliding down the Aisle to the theme tune of Black Adder was inspired though – and definitely unique.

The hen and the pussycat

I was feeding the chicks who are the size of a robin and have just started feathering up. I opened the cage door as usual but just at that moment a huge gust of wind caught one of the chicks and took it high up in the air almost over the roof of the house. I watched in horror as it flew around and then was plonked down very fast a few yards away in the middle of a group of hens … and Stix, our cat. Stix was fantastic, however. He looked at me very puzzled but stayed still and watched the chick. I managed to chase the chick into the wood pile where I grabbed it and returned it unscathed to the safety of its cage. The sheep were sheared and we have two magnificent tups (rams). Everyone was dreading their turn as their horns complete two loops before they taper off and start a good 4 inches wide with a beautiful ‘plait’ running along the top side. The ewes were terrible, kicking and wriggling and playing up. Then it was the rams turn… The first one set the trend. He was patient, half sat, half held up whilst they did his tummy and then sat completely free like a big pussycat whilst they did his back. I was to be a surprise tomorrow but the Groom has told his Bride that I am to play the harp and she is delighted.