At last!

My Great, Great, Grandmother’s Aspidistra has grown another leaf. This now makes 7 since my Mother passed it over to my care about 20 years ago… (It had 3 leaves then.) I played for a dinner with nearly 600 guests the other night. My new amplifier is so tiny it looks like an old radio but manages to cope somehow. The glamour and dresses were amazing and the Saris were out of this world. The men drinking in the public bar downstairs were so dazzled they decided to try and gatecrash. As I was near the door I was asked to alert the hotel staff every time someone came in. There was a constant stream of men who crawled through the door, then quickly behind the tables to try and avoid being spotted! It reminded me of an after dinner speech I once did in Scarborough. A beautiful long room where all the tables were draped with heavy rose pink linen floor-length tablecloths. Fairly near the start I notice a lady crawling from table to table. Unsure whether she was actually a thief I carried on, keeping an eye on her progress. After about a quarter of an hour she popped up smiling in front of me and sat cross-legged on the floor fascinated. She was a fellow harper.