I am playing Ben Fold’s The Luckiest tomorrow as the Bride enters.   Supposed to be alongside the river – fingers crossed for the weather.   On Friday night I asked my husband, Dave, to help me get the donkey in as the sky had turned an ominous black and the thunder was rolling around the hillside.   Geographically our farm is on the side of a valley which is like a basin but the wind is extreme even though we would seem to have shelter from the rocks and moors above us.   Dodge never does anything for me.   Donkeys are not waterproof so he has to have a walk-in shelter or actually go inside the stables for the night – it depends on which field he is in.  To get him back to the field means you have to escort him past a barn conversion with open gardens to the front, through a gate and past a little snicket, that goes up between the barn and the cottages next door, then past some ancient standing stones (which I am terrified he will knock over) and past the end of the track which leads to the Manor House next door and eventually up onto the road.   I bravely set off with a bucket full of peelings which he enthusiastically follows.  I charge up the track hoping I will outrun him to the field where I literally throw the bucket in as he thunders past.  This works 2 out of 3 times. 

Friday night was easy – he desperately wanted to be safe in his stable.   We all charged down the track and made it to the stable just in time.   Then there was a terrific bang – it overbalanced me – the lightning and torrential rain continued for about 20 minutes and we stayed and watched it from the stable door.  

When we got into the house we discovered the big bang had actually been a direct hit on the phone line and had taken out the TV, x box, internet and phone.   It had then travelled along the wire and had melted the internet router to the desk next door!   It took nearly a week to mend but we are all back on-line again.