paddling in the puddles

”Rain, rain go away, come again another day” …  The puddles around here are very deceiving – every now and then we get sink holes and you step in and your foot is sucked down – usually to just above the top of your wellies so that the cold muddy water rushes down your leg.    Hmmmm!    The garden around the house is drenched or under water and we scrape the ditches and drains clean with a special hoe to keep the water running down hill!   At boarding school the back door out onto the fruit gardens was constantly flooding.   The water used to creep down the corridor and we used to ‘dare’ to test its deepness.   It was usually Sister Janet Elizabeth’s job to sort it (JE for short) and she hitched her habit and red petticoat up into her knotted waist rope.  Nuns started off with a plain black rope and ‘achieved’ up to 3 status knots.   One was for chastity but I cannot remember what the other two were for.  I did wonder though why they didn’t automatically get them all at the start.   Anyway the nun’s habit is totally impractical for flood defence work and the poor woman got thoroughly soaked.   We liked JE and had a lot of respect for her so used to crowd into the corridor and cheer her on.   In the summer we used to volunteer to pick the raspberries and strawberries – we had to whistle constantly and an old nun was ordered to sit in an equally old deck chair and listen.   I was never any good at whistling but some girls claimed they managed to eat loads.   A Christmas wedding today – all the old favourites – ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’ – during the signing of the Register – and in my favourite hotel … 🙂


A pupil tripped up in my rather cramped music room (it has 31 harps, a grand piano, 2 organs, 1 cello, 2 violins, 1 guitar, 2 banjos, 3 lyres, 2 dulcimers, 3 mandolins, various percussion and stringed instruments from around the world, and the frames and wood needed for another 2 harps – yet to be built).  In her attempt not to fall on a harp she did some fancy footwork but to no avail and she landed on the bottom of the soundboard.  Luckily she was unhurt and this blog is for you to let you know the harp is now repaired – just like I tried to tell you!!!   Repairs are not a problem and this harp is as good as new – in fact better as I have incorporated a better base!  I loved playing in the Doctor’s surgery this week.  A first for me although I frequent hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.  A lot of surprised patients but they loved it (thank you).