When it all goes ….

The  weather here has been beautiful and it was warm enough in the  evening for our neighbours to sit in the conservatory and watch tv.  In the pitch black outside a black shape kept moving past.  Thinking it was Stix the cat they opened the window to shout at him to leave them in peace but instead Dodge the donkey’s head burst through.  He had worked out how to open the field gate and wandered into their garden.  We arrived back late to find a note that Dodge had been put into another field.  Finding a black donkey in the dark wasn’t easy but we did it.  I often get phone calls from my pupils.  ‘Katie’ they start.  ‘ I’m stuck!’.  I love it.  The younger ones launch into their tune putting the phone on the floor so that I have to wait until they pick up again to explain.  Often 5 minutes later they’re back with another tune to sort out.  Usually it all ends very quickly with ‘I get it, sorry, byeeeee’, as it suddenly dawns.  Yesterday I had a panic-stricken dad on the phone.  I always encourage performance and my pupil had practised a modern tune to play at a ‘naming ceremony’.  Everything was going well until she suddenly realised she had forgotten the tuning key.  The last I heard was he was looking for a DIY shop in Bristol to buy a radiator key.  For some reason the pegs that hold the strings on a harp are usually the same size as a radiator bleeding valve.  As harps are thousands of years old I’m guessing one of the first plumbers also had a harp!  Well I hope the race around Bristol was successful, I know the performance would have been and I am now off up to the top fields as the Tour de Yorkshire races right past us.  Look out for Stix on telly.  I’m sure he’ll find a way ….  (ps looking forward to a concert in The Dales next week)