Towneley Hall Woodland Festival this Sunday 11-4 and Seafest, Whitby next Sunday

We are busy on the farm getting Dodge’s winter stable ready.  We shut Dodge in the bottom field out of the way so that work on his stable could progress un-hindered but Dodge the Donkey sensed it was for him, or maybe he just decided he was going to move in, we don’t know.   All we know is that just after work started we got told that he had jumped the fence and was ‘helping’.   He decided to make his new toilet on top of the wood pile and then walked straight under the ladder and walked off with it leaving men stranded on the roof…   On Sunday we found a ‘love token’ – a few hundred years ago a young man would give his lady a silver coin – he rubbed it on stone to polish all the writing out (and to make sure she didn’t spend it!) and then bent a quarter inch on one side upwards and a quarter inch on the opposite side downwards.   Inspired by this I spent all day yesterday teaching ancient love songs to my pupils.   This Sunday I return to Towneley Hall to play the harp – the scene of elopement, tragedy and love – a fascinating 17th C mansion if you have never visited just on the edge of Burnley.  The ‘Sealed Knot’ are usually in attendance and visit me one at a time or in pairs inbetween their demonstrations and I play tunes on my harp – battle marches from 2,000 years ago, laments, dances, airs and love songs.