Green Pea Soup

When I teach my pupils know I have a huge set of ‘chill’ tunes.  These tunes are fairly simple but gorgeous, instantly taking the stress away.  Then there are the complicated tunes that take weeks or even months to unravel, but the sense of achievement is fantastic.  Then there are the tunes that all of us dream of playing but for some reason they just come out different or you just can’t fathom it right.  Then there are the tunes that just don’t ‘click’ or you just don’t like.  We always move right on, I don’t let pupils be put off ……… and this is why!  At school the nuns lived by a rule.  “Be frugal”.  When this was applied to eating it proved very costly.  I believe the episode I am writing about occurred when Sister Gillian came across a huge quantity of extremely cheap mushy pea soup.  Every Saturday lunchtime in the Michaelmas Term we had soup and if we didn’t finish it ……. misery.  “We must not waste, we must overcome our bugbears and be strong.”  I would sit down and look at it with tears in my eyes.  When the tables were cleared all of us who had left it had to stand at the front and place our untouched bowls on a special table, ready for tea-time when we would sit down to a bowl of cold soup.  At tea the same happened but the residents at the following breakfast table were fewer, and again at lunchtime.  At tea-time the following day there was usually just me or a couple of us.  We knew the ordeal was nearly over.  At the end of this meal the dishes were finally taken away and that evening at supper we were allowed biscuits before bed.   I still cannot eat mushy peas, in fact eat most vegetables ‘a la dent’!  A couple of years later a school nurse was employed.  We were all weighed and lo and behold the ‘naughty table’ was removed without mention – also I think the soup, unlike good music, had finally run out.