78.5 mph winds

Everything has been ‘all go’ on the farm for the last few weeks.   Dodge the Donkey has been having indoor 5 star service and is now thoroughly spoilt.  We let him out yesterday in the morning sunshine and he galloped down the hill out of sight.  By teatime the stormy weather had returned and he was waiting by the gate to be let in again!   He has, not one, but two, sheds that he can shelter in, but does he?   No, he prefers the indoor luxury of a stable and straw.   He shares this with the sheepdogs and it is very cosy.  The hens had a lucky escape.   They live in a little hut in the middle of the wood and a smallish branch came down onto their roof.   There was no damage and they laid me some eggs so cannot complain.   The duck pond has doubled in size so they are all very happy.   On the harp front I am enjoying ancient Christmas carols and gigs dressed as the Snow Queen.