Give me your answer do

The water came over the sills of the car and soaked my bag but I tucked my dress up and had my wellies on so my feet kept dry.  The bride and her maids all had their yellow wellies on so I kept mine on…  so what if they were old black Dunlop ‘real’ wellies?  My dress nearly covered them up.  I learned a trick a few years ago when it never stopped raining all summer.  I make my own dresses so bought loads of synthetic  furnishing taffeta.  If there’s a shower the guests run in first leaving me and the harp.  I’m not bothered about a bit of rain but my harp is – so I make my skirts huge so I can shove some over the harp whilst I wait.  You can screw the material up and it dries in 5 minutes without needing an iron.   Anyway this bride went down the aisle to Daisy, Daisy which was a first for me but very sweet.  I am practising all my Turlough O’Carolan and jigs ready for a concert in Doncaster coming up.  My pupils are  all learning jigs – trouble is every time any one gets out of time and it all falls apart the parrots (Charlie and Lills – both rescue parrots) join in our laughter and Lills calls them a ‘f—-er’.  I used to wince but it seems to be having the opposite effect to what the ‘mums’ and me thought. Yesterday Charlie decided to imitate an electric drill as well.  ‘Good job you’re not a dentist’ someone said.  Yes I thought it could be worse, but we’ll keep trying so I’m off to sing ‘Daisy’ and call Lills ‘a little tinker’.