Welcome To Yorkshire

Welcome to Yorkshire is the latest Hollywood style signage that has appeared on the hillside on the opposite side of the valley to our house. This is all part of the hype which is leading up to the Grande Departe next month.

There has been a noticeable infusion of cyclists appearing in the local area and both Dave my husband and I are somewhat bemused  by all the publicity, hard work, enthusiasm  (and expense) which has gone into getting the area ready for the spectacular which will last a few minutes as it whizzes through our village .

I have been asked to perform at a venue on the weekend but I am unable to actually get out of our Farm on that weekend so I have had to turn the work down due to the numerous road closures which surround us on all sides.Whilst we welcome the cyclists and will be waving our flags enthusiastically on the day. It has to be said we will also welcome the Grande  departure of the Welcome to Yorkshire signage which is right in our field of vision every time we leave our front door .