A pupil tripped up in my rather cramped music room (it has 31 harps, a grand piano, 2 organs, 1 cello, 2 violins, 1 guitar, 2 banjos, 3 lyres, 2 dulcimers, 3 mandolins, various percussion and stringed instruments from around the world, and the frames and wood needed for another 2 harps – yet to be built).  In her attempt not to fall on a harp she did some fancy footwork but to no avail and she landed on the bottom of the soundboard.  Luckily she was unhurt and this blog is for you to let you know the harp is now repaired – just like I tried to tell you!!!   Repairs are not a problem and this harp is as good as new – in fact better as I have incorporated a better base!  I loved playing in the Doctor’s surgery this week.  A first for me although I frequent hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.  A lot of surprised patients but they loved it (thank you).

steampunk and puppets

I am nearly ready with black button boots, long wool coat trimmed with velvet and matching hat …   As a hobby I make the clothes for ventriloquist puppets.   In today’s outing the Sultan of Khaidalu, Mr Jinx and a vicar will accompany me to the Steampunk Festival in Haworth.  They are all suitably dressed.   The Sultan of Khaidalu has swopped his massive turban for a stovepipe hat, decorated with Victorian ribbon and 2 feathers – one bright red, donated by my parrot, Lils, and the other, copper black from one of my hens.  I always loved dressing up and have wardrobes full of harp costumes – Elizabethan, Georgian, medieval etc and when I am out playing my harp people come up to me and ask if I would like a box of ribbons or buttons which they were just about to throw out.  I treasure each button and keep them in old tins on the kitchen shelf.  My kitchen is very different as it is the hub of all my creativity.   Harps get made on the table, there is usually a sewing project on the go and in and amongst the cooking gets done!

The roar of the waterfall

Tonight as I locked up I could hear the roar of the waterfall going down the Goit just across the field.  Dennis, the goat is living in the wood there at the moment eating the remains of the wild Iris and blackberries.  He has a little wooden house that I drag around for him.  The Goit is a deep mysterious place.  The village kids dare eachother to try and walk up it.   It is possible but you battle brambles and such slippy shale that you invariably slip straight back into the stream if you try.  I have lost my footing and slipped the full 15 foot or so down the steep side straight into the stream.  It is normally quite shallow and rocky.  Old builder’s bags and feed bags, buckets and bottles find their way in there and I clear them out, but after a heavy rainfall it changes into a torrent of brown water taking any loose rocks or debris.   The waterfall drops about 10 foot  and from the other side is a vantage point at the side of the track.  So many people have stopped a while to lean on the wall and look that the wall has worn smooth.  Well tonight I am finishing another paper mache head.  It will be made into a puppet eventually but there is hours of work ahead.  The harps Chorus and Copernicus have started to ‘sing’.  At the moment they sound beautiful but only a glimpse of their full potential.  I reckon by next Summer they will sound so rich.