To be unique

Well, who’d have thought the taps worked liked that? The hotel was absolutely beautiful – all brand new – must have cost a fortune! I have been to places where the Bride and Groom wanted to have unique photographs so have swopped carpets, curtains and pictures round, sometimes with disastrous results. I have been ‘roped’ in, with minutes to spare, to match the ‘slightly stained mark on the wall’ where a picture once hung, to the exact picture so that the stain was covered up again! Easy done I hear you say – but not in an entire country house hotel with hundreds of pictures! This time the décor was untouched and I was impressed with the bathroom and its miniature ‘beer pump’ knobs stuck up where the taps should be. My first thought was to try and pull one down. As it was stuck fast I looked along the line of basins and realised that most of these little white plastic ‘beer pumps’ had been crudely glued back on again. Oh well, I thought I’ll now try the obvious. They twisted on and off using two fingers and very little effort. Gliding down the Aisle to the theme tune of Black Adder was inspired though – and definitely unique.

2 thoughts on “To be unique

  1. Starting to feel a bit like your own personal stalker but I’m not honestly! Just get an inbox telling me when you’ve posted something and it never fails. Again I particularly love that last line and the idea of Blackadder played on a harp.

    I often think you can take almost any song and make it sound magical on a harp – doesn’t matter how daft or fast paced either. It always sounds beautiful. Bit like the young lass that played “Fireflies” by Owl City on hers and owned it.

    Once heard someone play “Never going back again” by Fleetwood Mac on piano which sounded great but I bet sounds even better on the harp. Should you ever get the time or inclination feel free to share a clip of you doing the honours 😉


  2. Thanks. I get asked to play Fireflies as well! Sadly not much good at technology and recording and then managing to get it onto the computer. Once got a photo on facebook but have never worked out how alas!!! My aim is to learn as soon as I can!


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