The Stable

I have struggled to get near the computer these past few weeks – Dave has broken his leg and I am in charge! I have loved every minute of feeding the animals in the stable. Not really built as a stable it is a low stone built Medieval building with 6 rooms and ‘Vaccary’ walls. (Huge slabs of stone 4’x 2’x 8 inches wide sunk into the ground to make the walls) You are struck by the warmth and ‘scent’ of straw and hay as soon as you go in. The commotion of Dodge the Donkey’s greeting and the sheepdogs lasts about 10 minutes. Talking of Dodge – we were getting ready to set off for the School Nativity play when we received a call … ‘Jack says you have a donkey’ … ‘yes’ … ‘oh brilliant, can you bring him down to the play for Mary to ride?’ … thoughtful silence … We had to explain that getting Dodge into the horsebox (which was in the back field on some hard standing for the winter) and getting him brushed and ready would take slightly longer than 10 minutes! We were actually quite sorry as it would have been lovely but we did have a giggle at the thought of Dodge entering the School Hall with 300 kids and parents, a huge tree with lights etc … It would have taken at least 10 minutes of braying before he had finished greeting everyone. Sat in front of us were 3 young mothers talking about their first scans. A very exciting time which one girl had quite given up hope for until she bought a puppy … The conversation was cut short as Mary and Joseph entered.

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