The week in which the harp fell down the stairs …

the donkey tried to climb upstairs and then Dave fell down the stairs.  I had been to this hotel before and missed the matching white marble step just coming out of the ballroom.  My stomach still does butterflies when I think about it but somehow I managed to hold onto the harp as I flew down the 3 steps in huge ball gown and somehow I managed to hit the bannister and safety avoiding a fall down the full flight of stairs.   I remembered before I started this gig … it did me no good.  The harp went down and hit the marble steps at full force half way up the forepillar.   This consists of 2 pieces of wood glued together.   One snapped and one held but it ‘scissored’.   The completely stressed out hotel Manager decided to run past exactly at this moment and shouted ‘so now we have no harp have we?’ … ‘no’, I answered grabbing the forepillar, squeezing it back straight ‘just a bit of trim’.  With one hand I undid my bag strap and wound it round the forepillar a few times and tied it in a knot.  Miraculously, it held.  I thank all the people who commented how brilliant the music was and apparently did not notice the extra ‘bow’ on the forepillar.   My husband saved the night by bringing one of my other harps to play at the second part of the evening.   On Tuesday we were just getting ready for Karate lesson when we heard a strange sound downstairs.   We set off to investigate and couldn’t believe our eyes when we met Dodge the donkey on his way up to the half landing.  I remember a pony bolted in the middle of Haworth a few years ago and shot into an open door and straight up the stairs of a small weavers cottage.  It took the fire brigade hours to get it out because a horse or donkey, for that matter, cannot go down stairs – only up.  That is, all, except Dodge.  He had untied the rope around the garden gate he had managed to open last week, he had climbed up the steps to the house and opened the door handle.  On spotting our horrified faces he made a massive backward leap, jumped through the door and porch, missed the steps completely and landed in the flowerbed.   No damage done except for a bit of necessary ‘cleaning’!   Not so lucky – Dave broke his collar bone in a completely separate incident – ouch! … get better soon x

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