The hens are confused.

I stuck homemade eyes and a large conical nose onto my fluffy, sausage duster, stuck the whole lot onto a massive cushion and tied two smaller cushions on the sides.   I then rigged it on top of the step ladders and stood it on the balcony overlooking the wood and paddock.   Amplifier and microphone set to the weirdest echo settings and I started my Easter Egg hunt with a conversation between my 10 year old stepson and ‘The Simomurf Bird’.   He respectfully answered all the Bird’s questions and promised he would find all her stolen eggs.   I love treasure hunts and successfully dodged two rams and 20 hens to lay all the clues and hide the eggs.   The weather here today was beautiful with not a drop of wind so I could balance the eggs in trees and on top of walls.  The hens were completely confused with the pink and golden eggs and I resisted the temptation to hide them in the hen house.    I placed an egg on the tractor seat – Stix, the cats, favourite sleeping place and he guarded it from a safe distance.  One of the hens started laying eggs on this seat and I didn’t notice for a while because Stix was laying on top of them!   I am playing the harp in the Doctor’s surgery again this week and I have two new pupils which is wonderful.

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