I have a harp named Vernal made at the Spring Equinox a few years ago.   A huge amount of work went into this harp and it included a specially designed section to hold the ‘luted’ soundboards into place down the centre.   Alas the rigidity of the structure has resulted in a slight deadening of sound.  It throws out some power but apparently the sound isn’t brilliant … yet.   There is so much stress from 122 strings that things may change over the years!   All my harps are named and this harp was beautifully painted by a friend of mine.  It depicts a naked woman and flowers – very subtle so at first people don’t realise.  The harp names all end in ‘AL’ because the first harp was made out of an old garage aluminium shelving unit  and my kids nick-named it Big Al.   It was followed by Celesti-Al, Ang-Al, Purp-Al, Beautif-Al, Pythagor-Al, Nautic-Al, Tropic-Al, Cordi-Al, Hand-Al, Vand-Al, Cathedr-Al, Mediev-Al and Fin-Al.  The ‘Nudey Lady’ harp is officially named Vern-Al and unofficially named Virgin-Al but some people call it – I don’t like the ‘F’ word but add ‘Al’ … 🙂    Don’t forget if you live near Bradford there is a concert next Saturday 28th at The Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury.   Doors open at 7.15 pm and you can bring your own wine.   I shall be playing a harp made with inlays especially commissioned by my husband Dave whilst visiting Sorrento.   The harp is called Chorus (we have moved on from the Als!) after the harp player from Dave’s Book – The Book of Caris.   The music and stories from this book will be featured at this concert – it spans influences from ancient Persia, Aethiopia, Celtic and is absolutely fascinating.   See you there? x

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