Next concert in 2 weeks time!

I promised you details so here they are:   The Black Dyke Mills have opened a new venue in the their mills in Queensbury.   They say it can be a bit chilly so wrap up but you can take as much of your own wine and beer as you want …  you get to listen to me and jazz bassist Seth Bennett (playing separately that is – but you never know!) and its on 28th March – starts at 7.15 pm.  There’s enough room to just turn up on the night and I’m told its a very interesting space.   If you want to get it all booked up email me on

I played at the local school again this week and (out of a class of 30) 6 children announced that I had played for their parent’s weddings!   We have two more additions to our house – I have called them Cordelia and Cedrick but have absolutely no idea if they be does or bucks.   I suspect when my step son sees these very cute baby bunnies he will re-name them and perhaps we may know if we have sister and sister by then (fingers crossed!!!!)    More soon …

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