The ‘pecking order’ at our farm is very simple – the hens rule.  When we feed the donkey, the sheep, the dogs or the cat – they are there, getting in the way, taking on animals far bigger than they are and succeeding.   They adore cat food and chase the cat off so that he lurks around the corner too scared to come out.  We either feed him on top of the tractor (which seems to be a hen-free zone) or when they have gone to bed.  He likes the tractor and often crawls in through the broken window to curl up on the seat (which is very plush – not the serviceable plastic vinyl as you would expect).  The phone has gone mad – brilliant news – everyone wants a harper (or harpour as it would have been once upon a time …)   Talking of stories – I am also in demand for my storytelling and music.  The next venue is a newly set-up one in the old Black Dyke Mills.  I haven’t been to see it yet but a fabulous space I am told.   It will all start in an ancient Persian well with a lost child and a genie, 2,000 years ago …    The music is set in the style of the time and is fabulous.   The stories are based on real people and based on the music and books by my husband, Dave Widdop.    I know you will say I am biased but they are truly fascinating and as you already know I only play the very best music from all round the world.  Date and times to follow when we have it all sorted but next month … (The Book of Caris and The Book of Anon by David John Widdop)

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