Harps , Weddings

I have a very busy week next week as I will be working in a school demonstrating the harps to the younger generation on Thursday and on Friday I will be returning to play in a doctors surgery.

My website is also in the process of going through a rather radical overhaul and I will be having quite a bit of input into that.

My stepson came and spent the day with us today and we spent part of the day getting him some trousers/jeans which he can wear when he is up at the farm. One thing we dont want to happen is for him to arrive in lovely clean clothes and be sending him home covered in mud. He will often play with the dogs which love a good game of fetch the stick and with the weather being like it has been lately the farm is quite muddy.

After dinner this evening Dave my husband wanted me to try out a new tune he had composed so I played the tune of three of my different harps and he said that one of the harps sounded very much like he had imagined the music , so we have settled on the fact that my new recordings on the Tascam will be done with me playing the larger harp.

I am fortunate that I have several harps ranging from very large, to large to medium to very small. The smaller harps are ideal if I am playing in a enclosed area or I am going up a winding staircase in a castle. Recently I purchased a small PA system which has proved to be very useful especially at weddings where their can be quite a bit of background noise.

I have a very special wedding to play at later this year as my eldest son will be getting married in Ireland and has asked if I would play at his wedding and I am looking forward very much to that . Flights have already been booked as well as my hotel for the stay.

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