A Valentine’s Tale

When my Aunty Daphne got engaged.  Uncle Donald asked his chauffeur to drive them to Bradford.  They drove up the narrow winding street right in the centre where the jewellers was.   Outside the shop the shop assistant was waiting with a tray of diamond rings.  As the car pulled up outside the shop Uncle Donald asked Daphne for her hand in marriage and the tray of rings was passed into the car.   The chauffeur was asked to drive around the block whilst Daphne chose her ring and the shop assistant was waiting for the tray (minus one of the rings) as they pulled up for the second time.  This was sometime in the 50s and the jewellers is still there.  Aunty Daphne was a legend – her hats were very large and very visible in Bingley when she used to shop there.  The chauffeur followed with all her Pekanese dogs on their leads.  I used to visit her when the children were little and she sat them all on her white leather settee on top of the white shag pile carpet and gave them chocolate biscuits and hot Ribena.  I sat there hardly breathing wondering how I would ever remove any stains but they never spilt a drop!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – I shall be playing ‘O Come to Me My Darling’ – written for me by my husband for the harp.  Absolutely beautiful – thank you and love you Dave x

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