I wore ski pants and wellies under my long dress to keep warm.  Medieval Castles in mid-winter – not the most romantic of places in reality alas and then the bride was an hour late!   The huge fireplace was full of dried red and white flowers which looked fantastic but obviously we were all cursing the modern ‘health and safety’ rules that did not permit a roaring log fire (there was an industrial ‘blower’ heater blasting hot air in through the doorway).   Outside the guests were invited to try archery and sample hot spiced wine.   We were all in costume so actually for me it was a lot easier to keep warm.   I had old fashioned charcoal handwarmers strapped to each wrist hidden by the long sleeves that trailed to the stone floor and loads of layers under that.  I played faster and faster to keep warm and kept the atmosphere and the beat with my bells and drumming.  I loved it!   On the motorway I had  spotted the driveway to this Wedding.   They had wrapped lights around the trees so that they looked like Grecian pillars.   In the darkness all you could see was a long matching column of pillars leading you down the valley.   Amazing.  We are still ice-bound on this hillside.  I amuse myself each day by counting the abandoned cars on the road across the valley and wonder when the snow will thaw.

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