Our farm looks out across the valley to three roads.   The oldest snakes up the steep sided valley with huge slabs of stone laid across it in parts.   Sadly, a few years ago now in a flash flood, it was badly damaged but before that the stones were pretty much as they were laid a few thousand years ago. My hero, Caerilius Priscus possibly led the Ninth Legion down the next road which is called Stairs locally.  It goes straight up the hill and stones the size of gate posts were driven into the hill to keep the road from slipping down.  The third is a tarmacked track which also goes straight up and is a short cut to Halifax.  My kids spent hours watching cars trying to get up and down it in the snow with binoculars.  A car got stuck on Wednesday night and they managed to free it at lunchtime today.   As a child we also lived by a steep hill and my Dad actually used to walk up and check for stranded cars on the A59 at Blubberhouses because there were quite a few deaths. Once the local farm hand got his prize and joy (a Cortina) stuck at the bottom of our drive which formed one side of a crossroads.  He walked up every night after work for 3 days and proudly showed my Dad that he was nearly free.   He had carefully dug round the wheels which were then stuck up on top of 18” pillars of ice.  It was stuck for about 2 weeks.

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