Pushing cars up the drive in the snow

Life on the farm in the snow isn’t easy.   Some visitors this morning were caught out.   The road is never gritted but in deep snow it makes it easier to drive and the visible top half of the drive looked okay so they came down to see us.   You turn the corner and it suddenly becomes artic!   Six of us pushed the car back up to the road in the end!    All my hens were back this morning thank goodness.   There is a steep-sided valley with a stream at the bottom at the edge of our farm.  If any animal or human, for that matter, slips or, in the hen’s case, gets blown into it you have to follow it for half a mile right down into the village before you can climb out again.   In the storms just before Christmas I was worried that people might think a stray hen was the perfect gift from Heaven.  I have no gigs this weekend but am inundated with pupils which I love.   I even had a teenage mathematician this morning practising how to work out the perfect Harmonic Curve!   The others  were very amused with my version of a Spanish tune which was used by Steve Wright on the Sunday Love Songs radio show …

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