If you didn’t get out of bed the very second the morning bell went you were in trouble.   It was the Headgirl’s job to wake everyone up, about 100 girls in total in dormitories of up to 30.  My bed was closest to the door once and we all used to shove it up against the door so that she couldn’t get the door open.  It gave us a few more seconds in bed but it was surprising how quickly she got round the whole school.  If you were still in bed when she came in she rang the bell right next to your head.   If that didn’t work or you were just stunned for a second with the noise she would grab your mattress at your feet and roll it up.   The technique must have been practised by each new Head as it very effectively put you on the floor.   Very surprisingly I had forgotten all about this until we watched a programme about Borstal Boys the other night …!  In this programme the warden just tipped the whole bed over so I guess we were lucky!   The harps are struggling with the cold at the moment.   I took ‘Chorus’ out last week to play to some ladies and the Village Hall was swelteringly hot.   The harp literally shed a bucket of water.   I explained to the bemused ladies what was going on as I dusted and mopped the soundboard.   Luckily I was booked to talk about the harp as well so we had a good laugh and after 20 minutes Chorus was sounding her best.

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