steampunk and puppets

I am nearly ready with black button boots, long wool coat trimmed with velvet and matching hat …   As a hobby I make the clothes for ventriloquist puppets.   In today’s outing the Sultan of Khaidalu, Mr Jinx and a vicar will accompany me to the Steampunk Festival in Haworth.  They are all suitably dressed.   The Sultan of Khaidalu has swopped his massive turban for a stovepipe hat, decorated with Victorian ribbon and 2 feathers – one bright red, donated by my parrot, Lils, and the other, copper black from one of my hens.  I always loved dressing up and have wardrobes full of harp costumes – Elizabethan, Georgian, medieval etc and when I am out playing my harp people come up to me and ask if I would like a box of ribbons or buttons which they were just about to throw out.  I treasure each button and keep them in old tins on the kitchen shelf.  My kitchen is very different as it is the hub of all my creativity.   Harps get made on the table, there is usually a sewing project on the go and in and amongst the cooking gets done!

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