bunnies in the dormitories

The largest dormitory at school had 36 beds in it.  There were 6 beds on each side of three large rooms each separated by a large archway.  Each bed had a small chest of drawers in between and on the corridor outside of the ‘dorms’ were the ‘wardrobes’.   These consisted of homemade contraptions by the nuns with arched roofs and curtains along the sides.   At the end of term concert we dragged these down the stairs and placed a chair underneath and the senior nuns had to sit underneath them in sort of daft understated splendour.  When the nights began to get dark and we couldn’t play outside in the huge gardens and woods we got bored.  We weren’t allowed TV, record players or radios but we were allowed pets – rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.  We decided to bring all the rabbits up to the dorm to keep warm and hid them at the bottom of our beds when the nuns came round to check and turn lights out.  We waited a safe 10 minutes for the nuns to go to their last service of the day (Complin) and then got the rabbits out to play.  When we got tired we put the rabbits back into our beds and went to sleep.   In the morning we were all surprised and almost hysterical when we discovered all the bunnies had gone.  We found them outside the dorm huddled in one of the bathrooms.   We sneaked them outside to the pet shelter before assembly.   A few weeks later there was a flurry or baby bunnies – the nuns were puzzled and called the ‘odd-job-man’ to check all the cages…

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