rainy day challenge

No weddings today but my twin sons are coming over to chop wood.   In the wind and rain to keep dry’ish I have figured out a way of hanging a tarpaulin out of the window and tying the other side to the hedge though!   All the wood ‘discs’ sawn from the old Scotch Pine are stacked under compost bins and dry.   The old Scotch Pine was over 200 years old apparently but we were advised to take it down as it was dying.   The wood smells lovely and it will keep us warm for another year yet.   Rainy days never bothered us when the kids were growing up – the favourite game was 3D Snakes and Ladders.   I always had chalk and we drew squares on the floors and carpet all the way round the house.   Every step ladder was used and the bunk beds were turned into ‘ladders’ and ‘snakes’ that had to be climbed up and down.   Also every time we came to a ‘snake’ we had a forfeit.   The best memory I have is of the twins and their friend, Ellison dressed up as pirates or something squashed into an old plastic bath trying to slide down the corridor whilst singing Bohemian Rapsody at the top of their voices…

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