horses and washing lines

‘Don’t play that thing in front of these two, will you?’ – the harassed groom shouted at me.   I sat in long frock with my harp by the back door of a very small Castle waiting for the Bride and Groom.   The courtyard was untouched by time with cobbles and weeds and the drawbridge and moat looked ancient but worked beautifully.  There were 2 small cottages on each side of the courtyard and one of them had a line of sheets out and a mish-mash of toys strewn in front.   The sheets hung heavy as the rain had poured down all afternoon.  ‘these two’ referred to the two matching black horses pulling an open carriage.  There were grooms back and front but they couldn’t keep the horses still.   Eventually the Bride and Groom appeared to huge cheers and an instant crowd.    The horses took off as the Bride stepped onto the footplate.   She was thrown in screaming.  Her husband and guests ran after them across the drawbridge and out of my sight.  The cook told me that the tenants of the cottages are each given £200 a wedding to not hang washing out and put the toys away!   I never played another note …

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