I just got told off!

”Where’s my weekend blog to read?”    A couple walking through our farmyard this morning asked!    Well, here it is …    They live in the village and sometimes walk across the football field, across the bridge at Fisherman’s Lodge and up the old ‘soil track’.   The path comes through a tiny gate into our farmyard and exits through a lovely old ‘kissing gate’ and across the fields to an old Chapel.   You can then cut across the road and follow another stone flagged path to the Railway Children’s House.   I love that film and one of my pupils is playing one of Perks’ children at Hebden Bridge.   Last night I managed to get heard (although I found it very difficult to actually hear myself) at a dinner for over 200 people!   The staff at the Hotel are FANTASTIC!    Yes, I give them a plug!   Thank you for all the thumbs up and big grins as I played ‘background music’.   It is a weird feeling being surrounded by hundreds of people but actually feeling very alone.   I watch, and notice things as I play, taking in the odd gesture of appreciation and noting the music and following that tune with another in the same vein.  Without anyone noticing you can control the atmosphere, keeping it buoyant or creating a moment where everything stops to hear the very last note of a tune.  I suddenly noticed a flurry of autograph taking – apologies to anyone famous – I never notice until afterwards!   Last night it was only when I left that it dawned on me that the faces I was trying to recognise from my past experiences were actually faces I watched on TV in Emmerdale …     One of my pupils is very, very proud of her Dad because he writes it.  This week another 9 year old touched my heart.   After Karate every week we play a ball game.   My step son loves this bit and this week he was thrilled to be chosen to be ‘on’.   Although I danced and ran past him within inches he refused to throw the ball at me to ‘get me out’.   At the end all the class were shouting at him to hit me but no …   As the final player sat down he proudly handed me the ball with a huge smile.   ”You’re on now.”

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